Welcome to KHI Student Management System

SMS Welcomes New and Continuing Students for the Academic Year 2013-2014.

Guidelines for 2013-2014 Registration to KHI New/Continuing Students

All new and continuing undergraduate students will register online for the 2013-2014 academic year using the Student Management System (SMS)

Important Dates: Registration deadline is extended upto 30th Sep 2013.

In order to complete the online registration process, students may need to follow the below steps:

Step1:♣ New Students have to check admission results and payment dues for the academic year 2013-2014 by entering the provisional registration number.

            ♣ Continuing Students have to check deliberation results and payment dues for the academic year 2013-2014 by entering the registration number.

Step2: Pay the exact amount which is shown in step1 to any branch of BK bank in the account number: 00040-0430381-25 / RWF. Only FARG sponsored students can skip this step if they have no pending dues.

Step3: Register yourself anywhere using the internet connection thorough the Student Management System on registration by entering your registration number and the bank receipt number from the next day (8.00 am onwards) of your payment. FARG sponsored students will be provided with a system generated debit note number to continue this step. You are required to fill the personal information form in order to complete the registration process. You will be given a payment receipt and registration letter on successful completion of this step.


  •      ♣ Before you go to the bank to pay, make sure that you are paying exactly the same amount shown in step1.
  •      ♣ Try to pay all requested money in one payment slip
  •      ♣ Any kind of cheating in payments will be punished with the KHI academic regulations.
  •      ♣ Students must get their Student ID Cards before attending the classes and ID cards will not be issued without completing step3.
  •      ♣ Students will be appearing on the class lists only if they obtain their student ID cards.
  •      ♣ In case of any problem, students can contact the Deputy Registrar or Admission Office and KHI-SMS Administrator.